The Cauldron Featured

After Main Release, Wize Wizards would like to develop a launchpad for new creators and we will have a short walkthrough on how to get your project on our Cauldron Featured panel.. (hint: 100% of the vision will be voted on by holders of Wize Wizards)

What is 'The Cauldron'?

Initiated by The Borough of Royalty, The Cauldron was everything worth of value to the colony. This vault is what kept the wizards alive when left for dead. Nowadays, The Cauldron is a shared vault among all colonies that holds true value on the Cardano Blockchain. They carry this with them wherever they are in the Cardanoverse and it is constantly adapting. The Cauldron is a community voted wallet funded by our initial sale/royalties and NFT donations from our Origin Council We hope, as our community grows, we can help be a launchpad for exposure of both NFT and DeFi projects being built on Cardano We are now happy to showcase “The Cauldron Featured” A page breaking down and highlight some of our most prized possessions in the CNFT space.

Clumsy Ghosts

Minted: October 25th, 2021
A unique and “completely scalable” SVG with some amazing artwork from the team
With an airdrop coming up we are happy to announce Clumsy Ghosts #6801 as a tenant of The Cauldron



Minted: October 16th 2021
A project inspired by the Chinese Zodiac made up of 12 animals from the famous Zodiac race The artwork is so cute with this project and we are happy to announce Lunars #6480 as a tenant of The Cauldron



Minted: April 9th 2021
Can’t go wrong with an OG CNFT
The first 8 bit pixel project on ADA and only the second 10k collection to be created on Cardano We are happy to announce CardanoBits #8179 as a tenant of The Cauldron


Zombie Chains

Minted: October 27th 2021
A collection of 10k Zombies released on the #ADA blockchain With amazing artwork done by their team, we are happy to announce Zombie Chains #3093 as a tenant of “The Cauldron”


Lovelace Collection

Minted: October 31st 2021
A collection of apes minted by the creators of Lovelace Discord
The halloween ape is a fun collection that has now offered The Cauldron 2 airdrops thus far with
more in store in the future!