Council's Showcase

Here at the Council’s showcase, we want to give shoutouts to members who go above and beyond for our project. We will be hosting bi-weekly art competitions for renditions of Wize Wizards and those voted for by Cauldron members will be featured here along with their Twitter links for a shoutout! We also plan on running competitions such as game nights for ADA/NFTs and will be giving shoutouts to the leaderboard here!

Royal King Naru

For our first “Council’s Showcase” we would like to honor a member of our community who has been here ever since the beginning; One who has shown such confidence in our team and what we want to accomplish, and a member of the Origin Council as well as Wize Whales! Members of Wize, please congratulate.. Royal King Naru! Thank you for the amazing support for our project and for continuing to be an active member of our community!