Colonies of
Wize Wizards

(to which do you belong…?)

Province of Genesis

Properties - Telepathy/Force Fields

Strength Against- Dominion of Darkness

Weakness Against - Borough of Royalty


The time of magic is upon this one. It is said that the Province of Genesis were the first wizards to be found in the metaverse. From the deepest parts of caves they read from the Book of Wize and have had spells brought down from generation to generation. It is said that even death cannot consume them as they are one of the only colonies to have defeated the Dominion of Darkness. However, immortality and the power from the Borough of Royalty is much too great to be stopped by Genesis.

Territory of Atlantis

Properties - Water Manipulation

Strength Against- Village of Nemesis

Weakness Against - Colony of Olympus


Descendants of Poseidon and Atlanna, wizards from this territory have been bestowed the gift of the 7 seas. They are able to control the tides and the marine life inside them at their very will. It is said that when in war with Nemesis, the territory of Atlantis caused Tsunamis as tall as skyscrapers to wipe out all life posing a threat to them. However, one colony, Olympus, who can disappear from the wizards' sight at will, is said to have the power to reign supreme over Atlantis.

Borough of Royalty

Properties - Immortality

Strength Against - Province of Genesis

Weakness Against - Dominion of Darkness


It is said that the wizards from the Borough of Royalty have lived through countless cataclysmic events throughout the Metaverse. From the eruptions caused by Nemesis, to the Tsunamis caused by Atlantis, to the mind control from Genesis, these Wizards have been deemed immortal. However, there is a curse being spread through the metaverse, originating from the Dominion of Darkness that has a grip on the souls from Royalty that poses the greatest threat yet.

Village of Nemesis

Properties - Fire

Strength Against - Colony of Olympus

Weakness Against - Territory of Atlantis


From the depths of volcanoes, to the torment of wildfires, the Origin of Nemesis emerged. It is said that they battle, not with honor, but with rage, as fire consumes all throughout the colony. Their battles are taught as ravage and many from the Colony of Olympus have fallen at the grasp of Nemesis. However, one Colony, Atlantis, stands supreme over them and many question their abilities against the water colonies.

Colony of Olympus

Properties - Invisibility/Teleport

Strength Against - Territory of Atlantis

Weakness Against - Village of Nemesis


We don’t have much of a backstory for Olympus. Each Wizard has the ability to escape in plain sight due to their power of invisibility and teleportation. They are able to, in a blink of an eye, be halfway around the world, or right beside you and you wouldn’t know they were there. Many battles have been forced upon them and without being able to locate them, they are extreme escapees, but the village of Nemesis believes they may have found a way, through fire, to draw them out in sight.

Dominion of Darkness

Properties - Dark Energy

Strength Against - Borough of Royalty

Weakness Against - Province of Genesis


Out of the depths, the darkness habitants are different from the rest. They are fueled by the aura of the night. With the ability to manipulate this energy to harm and defend, the dominion is the most eerie faction in the metaverse. They move in the shadows and are not to be forgotten.

are you worthy…?

The Cauldron awaits you…

Wizard holders and developments throughout the journey in the Wizard metaverse. We are also the first movers for “The Cauldron”, a first of its kind DAO system on Cardano for support of other CNFT projects voted on 100% by holders of Wize Wizards! All royalties will be paid to The Cauldron and is fractionally owned by each Wizard holder.

Chapter 1 Roadmap

  • Open discord and Grow the Wizard Community
  • Release Origin Wizards
  • 500 ADA from Origin Sale is transferred to The Cauldron Wallet
  • Make first Cauldron Purchase
  • Launch Website
  • Release full series of Wize Wizards – 2500 to be released on the blockchain
  • Transfer 50% of ADA from main sale to The Cauldron wallet
  • Vote on SPO to delegate our ADA to Develop/Upgrade the website for Wallet integration
  • Develop and Release Origin Story Comic Series Make Second Cauldron Purchase
  • Develop and Release Wize potions – exclusive mint for Wize Holders
  • Secondary Comic Series for the backstory of potions/Morphed Wizards
  • Make 3rd Cauldron Purchase
  • Continue to build out the community
  • Vote on Game nights with rewards from The Cauldron (NFTs,ADA prizes for holders)
  • Develop and release Morphed Wizards exclusive mint for holders Utilizing Wize + Potions Only costs of Mint for holders (ADA tx fee)
  • Make 4th Cauldron Purchase
  • Develop and Release Morphed Wizards Trading Cards via website/discord

Meet our Team


As Co founders, we work along side one another to manage the entire project, from our social media presence and growing the community on discord, to helping develop the projects storyline and roadmap moving forward! We also will be co managing the community wallet as we work on developing a multisig to appoint community members for the position.







Moderators x

As moderators, our team works to keep the community engaged and friendly to anyone new in the space. As stated, we want this project to become an entry position into CNFTs, with an adaptable launchpad for new creations along with our own!










Illest B




The Handler

Web Developer



Minting Developer


Frequently Asked Questions

What are Wize Wizards?

Wize Wizards is a CNFT community collection that wants to stretch the limits of profile pic NFTs, with each series going into the folklore of the Wizards.

There will be 2500 wizards in total generated for Series 1 and will be split into different Colonies based on the colors of their robes

With Potions and Morphed Wizards, we want to showcase how folklore and artwork can mesh in an NFT collection

Who is the team?

Like many of you, we are all crypto enthusiasts and collectors in the space. We have a shared interest in NFTs and love the embrace that the CNFT space has, we want to utilize the project to help develop our community and Cardano NFT space as a whole. See meet the team for the team we have developed so far!

What Utility does Wize Wizards hold?

By holding a Wize Wizard, you have voting rights in The Cauldron section, which not only serves as a community wallet governed by holders but has a pathway to a potential launchpad for new creators in the space

Series 1 and 2 will be connected and in turn used to configure Series 3, completely free to holders if Spell Makers choose to participate

We also plan on hosting community giveaways and games on discord for prizes such as NFTs/ADA rewarded to winners

We essentially want to bridge community and the projects they hold and create a hub for all creation on Cardano

What is something that will set us apart from another collection?

We want to create a community mindset and not be a centralized NFT collection, we want to be able to serve holders for believing in the project, treating each chapter like we are all the authors of the story!

In the future, we hope to bring other communities closer by doing certain collaborations in Chapter 2 and onward with both ADA projects as well as bringing other artists from other chains into the lovely world of CNFTs

Wen Mint?

We have included quarters in the roadmap as to when our releases will be, our next release will be in Q1 of 2022 for the main collection of Wize Wizards!

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